Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FIRST Europe Concert in Lisbon!!!

Fountainview choir and orchestra packed the house for their first concert tonight! Like a Portuguese lady said to me, "It was fire for the soul!" Wow! Such amazingly beautiful, inspirational and energetic music to feed the mind, heart and soul! I was so touched to see the incredible response of the Portuguese people!

Thank you Lord for a successful first day of filming for Fountainview and the amazing concert which had such an impact tonight! They streamed it live throughout all of Portugal to 120 different venues :-)

On our walk over to the concert, we stopped for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant which ended up being delicious! It had beautiful gardens, art work and even a piano for Grant to play! Such a great relief after slim pickins in the area of food so far :-)

Tomorrow we get up early and pack up, walk down to the waterfront where they'll do more filming. Then we're off to Porto!

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