Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hi folks!
We decided to take a bit of a detour from the Fountainview tour while they travelled up to Geneva.  Instead of driving 8 hours up north to Geneva just to drive back down south into Italy (Waldensian Valley) again, we decided to discover Venice, Italy :-)  It's a place we've always wanted to go and well, we've done it!!! It's amazing and unique, for sure :-) 

Travelled from one campsite to another with our camper van which at least is in good working condition.  As I expressed in my last post, it has two main problems--a really ugly paint job AND the driver is on the right side.  That has been a challenge for Bryan to get used to and I'm not going to attempt it!!!  IT wouldn't be so bad if we were actually in a left lane driving nation but we're not so it does present quite a few hazards of safety...  Please continue to pray that we are safe.  I found that if I ride in the back seat, I can survive without hyperventilating to badly ;-)  We were able to buy some tape that we used to cover up some of the words that were painted on it.  There is still one big one that we need to cover but the worst are covered.  Thank you Lord for giving me peace about this in spite of the anxiety that ensued on the first day of the camper van rental :-)  Here's are some things we can be grateful for:  A bed to sleep in, a vehicle to move in, food to eat, amazing places to see, time spent discovering things with those I love!!! 

When we arrived in the area of Venice last evening, we decided to take the bus over to the island of Venice so we wouldn't have to pay the exorbitant parking prices.  We had a wonderful evening of sightseeing over there and it was topped off with a delicious authentic Italian dinner of pasta, soup and salad. And then Gelato--the real deal.  Yum!  The "buses" in Venice are boats and we took a boat through the Grand Canal and then walked back to our bus that carried us back to our campsite.  The streets are canals of water and architecture is incredible and unique!  We even went to the Plaza San Marco where we found several live music groups playing wonderful dancing music, another beautiful cathedral and some guys trying to hand the women roses and then ask for money from their partners:-)  Thankfully I have learned the word, "No!!!"  Thank you Lord for fun times discovering new places!

Here are a few pictures of our van and adventures in Venice:

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