Friday, July 12, 2013

Waldensian Valley, Mountains and Villages!!!

We arrive here yesterday evening to this beautiful little village in the Italian Alps called, Bobblie Pellice.  It's just what you would imagine a small village in the Alps to be.  Go back in time a few decades, centuries or even a millennium and we literally can feel what it was like becaus e not much has changes--the mountains, valleys, houses and people are very friendly and happy here compared to the big cities we have been visiting!  It's a simple life close to nature with fresh air, sunshine, mountains and flowers to enjoy year around.  Everyone knows everyone and the community is very close knit.  The kids still play outside and don't need canned entertainment to be happy here!  There are beautiful gardens with fountains, small vegetable gardens and cute little stone houses with flower boxes around every turn!  If I could choose to live anywhere on earth, I think it would be in a place like this!!!  Fountainview has already filmed at the school where the Waldensian children were trained as missionaries, the caves where they lived while in hiding and on the cliffs where they were driven off, plunging to their death as a part of their attempted extermination.  Amazing places holding such incredible histories and meanings!  We just read the chapter in the book, Great Controversy, on the Waldenses today.  It was more meaningful then ever especially since we are right here where it all took place!  It has really come alive for us!  I would recommend you to read that chapter because it has some wonderful stories and deep spiritual concepts that cause intense vibration to the depth of my soul!  Just think!!! These are the mountains, valleys, rocks and caves where they lived for a whole millennium preserving the scriptures so that we could have them today and teaching their children eternal values that would play a very large role in the freedom we have to worship God today!

Today we hiked to Castelus, a peak that is visible from this valley.  It is the one that has the cliffs where the Waldenses were drive to their death.  As I stood above the cliff, I became emotional as I contemplated the horrific events that took place there.  In my mind I heard the screams of those who stood firm for their faith plunging to their earthly end but not their eternal end.  I'm so looking forward to seeing and meeting them someday in heaven!  What stories they will have to tell!  The contrast of the beauty of the hike up there and the history behind it was almost too much for one day!  There were waterfalls, flowers, huge rock boulders, lush greenery, interesting insects of all kinds and views of the mountains and valleys below!  To access the trail we had to go through a cute little village with stone houses (Bonnet) that have probably been there for a thousand years!  There must be a local spring that feeds the wells for the houses there because each one had a stone holding tank with a stream of water flowing into it--such practical, yet pleasing architecture.

After our very steep hike to the top of that peak, we enjoyed a family picnic and then wondered around the other village at the bottom of that peak called Torre Pellice.  We just happened to find a small Gelateria where the Gelato is made right there in the shop.  It was the best one yet!  Lavendar, Amaretto, Straciatelli, Hazelnut, Rose and Raspberry were our flavors of choice.  My absolute favorite flavor was Lavendar, of course!!!  Then we visited a cute little bakery that had amazing treats as well. 

After returning to our campground, we gathered our dirty laundry once again and headed for the Lavenderia--Laundromat.  Found out that there are no dryers for 25 km.  So we ended up having to do it the old fashioned way--hang them to dry.  We hope that it doesn't rain until they are dry and folded!  Now we are enjoying watching some firelies blink as they fly around our campsite.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

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