Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Saville Cathedral & Gelato!!!!

We enjoyed touring through the Saville Cathedral yesterday which was built in the 1500's.  That's the most gold, silver and extravagant art work and architecture I've ever seen in one building!!! Wow!  When we walked in, we looked up and saw numerous stained glass windows catching the light from all directions--each composed of many small pieces of glass which all put together created vast beauty and meaning.  The we noticed that there were multiple chapels dedicated to many different saints, each containing sculptures and/or statues and huge pieces of art work which all were depicting something of meaning from the catholic faith.  Christopher Columbus' remains are even contained therein!  The highlight of our time there was ascending up to the top of the Giralda Tour--the tallest of the cathedral towers.  What a view there was from the top!  Interesting patios and swimming pools at the top of the buildings below and many other buildings that dated back 2000 years were visible from there as well.  I will be creating a facebook album that is dedicated to Saville since there were so many pictures taken there.  Even if you're aren't normally on facebook, you will be able to go take a look.  I will post a link here on the blog as soon as I've set it up.  So, come back and look for it in a day or two if you don't see it here now.

It was 104 degrees F there and we were so hot and sticky by the time we had walked all around Saville and through the cathedral--up and down the tower, etc.  As we were heading back to our hotel to pick up our things, we noticed a great gelato place!  We stopped and discovered that they even had 3 flavors of sorbet--raspberry, lemon and mango!  It was so delicious and refreshing especially under the circumstances!  After enjoying our fruity treat together, we packed things up, halled them to the car, and continued our journey back to Lisbon where Fountainview had their first filming at the Torre De Belem, a castle on the sea that was built in the 1500's.  What a beautiful setting for their first two songs--Abide with Me & A Mighty Fortress!  Tomorrow they will head over to Plaza De Comercio to film their next songs and more interviews. 

Tonight they are doing a concert at the SDA church here in Lisbon.  We're looking forward to enjoying the inspiration later on tonight.  We took some time this morning to explore the city on our morning run and do some laundry.  They have machines that add the detergent for you :-)  Cool idea! And now we're off to walk 1.5 km to find a vegetarian restaurant that we found online :-)  It will be the first one on our trip! I'm hungry and excited and looking forward to good food :-) 

Here are a few pictures of the last 36 hours or so:

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