Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good bye Lisbon! Hello Porto!

Today was the first day I got up before 7am! Jet lag has finally warn off! Yay!

We got up early to walk from our hotel down to the waterfront to Plaza De Comercio where an earthquake happened back in 1755. Fountainview filmed one song there today---Lift Up the Trumpet.

Got some pictures and videos of them filming and helped hall equipment around! Got some water for them and took a group of students on a walk up to see a castle and cathedral during one of their breaks.  Awesome to be a part of such an amazing operation! Many people walking by were interested and stopped to watch, listen and take pictures and chat with us :-)

The sun was quite warm to be out in for several hours. We all needed electrolyte replacement. I inquired about where to find coconut water or some other form of healthy electrolyte replacement and was told that their was a juice bar just up the street from the filming site. And guess what???!!! We found it! And they even did shots of wheat grass! What a treasure to find in a huge, busy and bustling city! Our Apple, pear, fennel, celery and mint juice lifted our spirits, health and energy dramatically! And the wheat grass? Well, it reminded us of home!

After the filming was over, we took the metro (local subway) back up to our hotel where our car was parked with all the preloaded luggage in it. Shimmied our way out of the very tight parking garage and drove  3 hours up north to Porto. It's a beautiful and historic coastal city by a river. We like it better than Lisbon but we have been warned that Porto is known for pick pocketing so we're praying for protection. Please pray with us :-)

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