Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wartburg Castle, Germany

We arrived at our campground nearly 24 hours ago before dark which is actually quite an accomplishment!  I dawned my running gear and took off across the corn fields bound for freedom!!!  Freedom from the confines of a vehicle and that stagnated feeling one gets after riding in the car for hours on end!  It was the best medicine I could have had!!!  How transformed I felt after releasing all those hee bee jeebies and gaining some endorphins to lift my spirits! 

As soon as we could, we merged onto the autobahn with Wartburg Castle as our next destination.   It seemed it was national construction day in Germany today!  It took us 4 hours instead of 3 to make it there.  But, thankfully, we arrived to the castle just in time to  participate in the operation.  Fountainview filmed three songs there today plus some discussions with John Bradshaw.  He also filmed some of his own programming for It Is Written there.

I got to practice some of my very rusty German with some of the many onlookers who stopped to observe which was good for me but I don’t know how good it was for those who were trying to understand me ;-)  If I were to be here for a couple weeks straight, I would begin feeling much more comfortable with it, I’m sure.  But no such luck!!!  Thursday or Friday we will be off to Prague.  We’re considering a side day trip over to Berlin.  There’s so much to see and soak in there!  And, that’s one place I’ve never been.  So we’ll see how that materializes.

The Wartburg Castle sits on a hill with a view all around it as most of the castles do.  Why did FV choose to film there?  It played a very significant role in the events of the Reformation!  Martin Luther lived there from 1521-1522 after he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  It was there that he translated the Bible into the German language for the purpose of allowing the common people to be able to read and understand it.  What a milestone in the history of Christianity!  Thank you Lord for sending courageous people such as Martin Luther who followed Your promptings and enabled so many people over the generations since to read and understand your word for themselves!

We’ve just arrived at our next campsite in Wittenberg, where Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the wall of a church here….

Next morning, Tuesday, 7/16… We did survive our night and found electricity and WiFi finally this morning.  Our blue ice packs didn’t get put into a freezer until this morning so we’ll have to wait until later to get them and hope our food doesn’t spoil in the mean time.  Soon we are off to find FV and help out with their filming here in Wittenburg.  Oh yeah, the German switch in my mind has been turned on and more and more German words are flowing into it!  Thank you Lord! 
More tomorrow.  Have a great day!!!

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